As a child of the 80s, I was raised on such epic fantasy movies as Krull, The NeverEnding Story, Legend, and Clash of the Titans — if it had a magnificently over the top premise and questionable acting, you can guarantee I had not only watched it, but loved it unconditionally. There’s something wonderfully innocent about those movies; there are obvious heroes and villains, strong moral ties running through the stories and truly fantastical settings that can’t help but capture the imagination of a child. So it was with a boxing glove filled with nostalgia that this absolute cracker of a piece smashed me right between the eyes whilst I was scouring for some artwork for my Fanart Friday column!

Movie Poster

From the moment I saw this piece, I fell in love with it. British artist, agentscarlet, has done an amazing job — it has simply everything that an 80s movie poster must have. Our hero stares into the middle-distance, wielding a pair of gleaming artifacts that will surely be instrumental to the plot; a mysterious, beautiful, but stern looking princess, wearing incredibly ornate garb looks to be every bit as intimidating as her male counterpart; and an aggressive, ugly looking creature, menacingly leers over the scene, creating a great sense of foreboding for our protagonists. Our title is front and centre, drawing us in, and a simple, yet poignant tag-line adorns the header, teasing us at what we can expect when we hit ‘play’.

Closing my eyes, I can see 8-year-old me, walking the aisles of Blockbuster Video, pouring over rows and rows of similarly looking VHS titles in the hopes of something special catching my eye.

“What’s this? The Legend of Zelda?

Peering at this as a movie cover, I have no doubt that I would have snatched this tape up in a heartbeat and spent my entire weekend watching it over and over again. Who am I kidding? If I scrolled past this image on a Netflix menu now, I’d be drawn to do exactly the same thing and I wouldn’t consider it a waste of my weekend in any way.