Much like they did this past Halloween, Nintendo of America has tweeted out a holiday message alongside a new piece of Breath of the Wild art.

This time the theme is Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrated by most of the United States on the fourth Thursday of every November. Turkey is often the main course during the holiday, and it looks like Link has snagged himself one to share with his companion Wolf Link.

Eagle-eyed Zelda fans might notice a familiar form in the shadows of the trees, in addition to the fauna scattered around — and on top of! — Link. To me, that Cucco looks pretty content to not be the bird on the spit. Does this mean everyone’s favorite fowl is returning for the newest game? And if so, I wonder how they will react to Link’s new hunting skills?

We here at Zelda Universe also wish our American readers a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’re so thankful to have you, so stay safe and happy this holiday!