So then, how did you guys enjoy Halloween? Dress up as Link? Fight some ReDeads? Endure the terrifying acting and animation in the CD-i games? If you got tricked, never fear, for Nintendo have a special treat to make up for it.

Nintendo decided to celebrate the spooky season with some new Breath of the Wild artwork, depicting Link scaling a large, pumpkin-shaped mountain. It’s not made clear if this is a representation of an actual mountain in the game, but considering Zelda‘s history with pumpkins, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. If nothing else, it looks great and makes for some pretty desktop wallpaper material.

If this is indeed a real locale in Breath of the Wild, then Nintendo better make it good. Look, I want to scale a big pumpkin as much as the next guy, but we all know when it comes to pumpkin hills, Sonic Adventure 2 set the bar high. Observe: