I have done an article before concerning the musical work of RebeccaETripp, and here I am again talking about another piece of her work. Why? Because it is just that pleasant for me to listen to, and I can not go without sharing such a delight such as her “Celtic/Medieval Town Theme Medley”.

Throughout the song, I am filled with a sensation of wonder, nostalgia, and joy. Even songs in the arrangement that I am less familiar with are such a pleasure to hear. All the themes chosen are so uplifting and filled with glee, I always want to get up and dance around. The instruments and styling are so fitting for The Legend of Zelda, what a brilliant idea it was to conduct an orchestral arrangement like this!

Before I continue forward, if you have not yet listened to this medley and would like the songs in this medley to come as a surprise, now is the time to do so. I know personally I love to try and figure out how many songs I recognize and am thrilled to bits when a song I love shows up in a medley.


The piece begins with music from Link’s Awakening, and as I am recently re-playing this game, I was really happy to have this medley re-introduce me to this tune. The soft sounding instruments really help me visualize the island town that Link finds himself in. Moving on, we visit the Skyloft Academy and Ordon Ranch through song. The transition between the Ordon Ranch theme and Castle Town Market from Ocarina of Time flows so smoothly and keeps the upbeat tempo going. The transition afterward into the Clock Town theme is not only clever by the melody’s merging so well into one another, but because it is from the direct sequel to Ocarina of Time. I wonder if this was done on purpose?

We then revisit Skyloft before jumping into my personal favorite segment of the song. Once I hear the bouncing baseline, I know that the Outset Island theme is sure to make its way into the lineup. This has always been one of my personal favorite Zelda tunes, but the way the woodwinds are used so well sends my heart aflutter.

Quickly we jump into the Castle Town theme from Twilight Princess which beautiful transitions into the quirky Animal Village theme from Link’s Awakening. The drums and woodwinds could not have been a better choice for this peculiar melody. Continuing on, the Wind Waker’s Windfall Island theme plays.  In the original soundtrack, I always loved the drum beat during this song, and this medley emphasizes it, much to my delight. A small portion of Horon Village’s theme plays from Oracle of Seasons before calmly morphing into the Ordon Village theme. I would never have thought these two songs would integrate so harmoniously, but I am so grateful to hear it. Finally, the piece ends with a reminisce tune of Twilight Princess’s Kakariko Village.

If this medley was not already ten minutes long, I would beg for more! There are so many other town themes that were unfortunately passed over and could not make its way into this medley, but I would never complain given the fantastic arrangement that we were given. There were some themes in here that I was pleasantly surprised by, not remembering them until re-listening to them in this arrangement. I am happy that RebeccaETripp decided to include some of the more obscure pieces such as the Ordon Ranch theme or the Skyloft Academy. This medley was a joy to listen to, as well as all of RebeccaETripp’s music which can be found on her YouTube channel. You can count on me writing more articles about this awesome composer!

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