With 2017 on the horizon, the Official Nintendo UK Store has opened orders for three new Nintendo calendars, one of which is a new edition of the Legend of Zelda calendar. Adorned with official art from top to bottom, these calendars never fail to impress. I’ve owned the past two, and I already have 2017’s waiting on my shelf for when January 1 rolls around. They’re a great way of showing your love for The Legend of Zelda while providing the ever-important means of keeping track of the days until Breath of the Wild releases.

zelda calendar back

There’s no art for the new game included in this 16-month calendar, but plenty of other games are represented. Better yet, once the months have gone by you can take some scissors and make your own set of mini posters.

This calendar, along with the Mario Kart and Super Mario editions, are being sold for £10.99 each. Shipping is free for orders over £20 so be sure to check out the other stuff on sale as well, and let us know if you’ll be picking up a calendar.

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