Rozen’s Zelda arrangements always have the ability to invoke intense emotions about the characters. “May We Meet Again” gave me a new respect for Fi from Skyward Sword, and I felt the overwhelming sense of foreboding as the residents of Clock Town helplessly awaited total destruction in “Termina’s Demise”.

This time, he partners with singer/songwriter Jose Madrid to bring us “Saria’s Elegy”, a piece inspired by “Saria’s Song” from Ocarina of Time. Imagine the thoughts rushing through Link’s head when he awoke, seven years after saying goodbye to his best friend Saria. After all that time, he has grown into an adult, but the Kokiri never age. Will Saria recognize him? Will she even remember him? Saria was more than just a childhood friend to Link. She was his stability, and as he finds himself in this tumultuous future, he could use someone who cares just as deeply for him and he does for her.

Jose Madrid’s lyrics express Link’s longing to reunite with Saria, while Rozen’s orchestrations illustrate the heartache and uncertainty Link feels as he makes his way back to Kokiri Forest, to search for any sign of his dear friend.