I love Skyward Sword, but I’ve never been a fan of Fi. She had no idea what Link was going through; all she did was spout out useless statistics. Then I listened to “May We Meet Again”, Rozen’s arrangement of Fi’s Farewell. My opinion of her completely changed.

Link wasn’t the only one to become stronger on the quest to save Zelda — Fi grew too. Fi started off completely devoid of all emotion. She was just there to do her job, but as she adventured with Link, she began to learn more about the human — well, Hylian — condition. When it was finally time to say goodbye, for the first time, she understood what it was to love. Link became more to her than just part of a task, he was her friend — her first friend.

My opinion of her completely changed.

Like Fi, “May We Meet Again” starts off rigid and structured. The music builds as she gradually becomes emotionally invested in the journey. The orchestration grows to a crescendo once she realizes she cares about Link, and then it turns wistful as she thinks about all they have been through together. The tone of the song changes and becomes more driven. It’s no longer about doing her duty, it’s about helping her friend. Tears are falling by the end. Now that Fi is finally capable of friendship, she is forced to say goodbye.

Rozen has the ability to convey a heartfelt story with his Zelda arrangements that always leaves me thinking of the characters in a new light. His Majora’s Mask arrangements “Waiting for the Dawn” and “Termina’s Demise” are hauntingly beautiful, and “Under Twilit Rain” has me loving Midna from Twilight Princess even more than I did before. You can listen to “May We Meet Again” in the video below, and it’s also available for download on iTunes.


    Wow. Makes me wish Skyward Sword could be turned into a movie. Fi may have been annoying as a game companion, but I think she’d make an amazing character for a movie, or television series, if enough care and dedication was put into it.

  • Ryan Haney

    That was neat.

  • DimensionalRanger


  • Davad

    I never found Fi to be particularly annoying unless my batteries or hearts were low, and she wasn’t overly bad even then. I don’t know why people hate on her so much to begin with.

    • True Davad

      Just watched the Music Video. I am not overly into music, but that was INCREDIBLE. A Masterpiece to be sure.

    • Ryan Haney

      I like her.

  • MischievousLittleImp

    Wow, this was beautiful! Rozen made such a great work in this, awesome!

  • LittleZeldaAddict

    Believe it or not fi was one of my favorite characters in the entire Zelda franchise. Its just something about her, like she was emotionless at first and grew with link through the quest. She even admitted to be happy at the end, despite the fact that she is a robot.

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