A slight deviation from the norm for our Music Monday this week, in that I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the wonderful Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses show that I attended in Manchester, England, last week.

I’m not going to go over every detail of the show, as I’d rather encourage you to experience it for yourself. Instead, I’d like to pick out a few highlights that particularly stood out to me personally. (It seems a little disrespectful skimming over a whole show in a few short paragraphs, but I have to, otherwise I’d be scribbling all day!)

The show opened with a wonderful overture that works through the songs associated with the three ever-present characters from the franchise; Link, Zelda and Ganondorf, and gives an overview of the adventure that lies ahead. It’s a fantastic arrangement that sweeps through the themes of the Zelda titles, the characters and their soundtracks. Never has the King of Evil sounded so truly menacing or our fair princess so regal.

Another highlight was the ‘Chamber of Sages’, most notably used during the Creation Myth scene in Ocarina of Time. The mysticism of the piece is amplified by the orchestra, giving a deep, layered sound that connects with the images of Hyrule’s creation spectacularly. It is also the first piece to truly showcase the incredible talent of the choir — their voices were so powerful and hallowed that the hair on my arms stood on end during the whole performance.

Finally, I’d highlight the third movement in the symphony, focusing on the music of Twilight Princess, as being beautifully arranged and performed. The sheer power of the music is demonstrated during this section; the drama and emotion displayed throughout Twilight Princess magnificently exemplified by the orchestra, though most notably the wind and brass sections.

I leave you with footage that YouTube user Ye Olde Gamez kindly captured of the ‘Overture’ from the Hammersmith Apollo show back in May 2013. While I urge you to check it out the incredible performance on video, I can only say that my words and a recording can in no way do the musicians justice. If you ever find yourself a chance to go to the symphony for yourself, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I would like to end this by thanking my long-time friend, Mike, for sorting out the tickets and organising a great night out — we don’t do it enough, and should definitely remedy that!