The 2016 GameStop Expo is set to begin tomorrow, September 14, and Kevin Pereira has shared a few pictures of the presentation on his Snapchat. While there isn’t anything concrete to go on, there’s nothing that can build up hype like some “leaked” pictures of an upcoming event or release.



Keven Pereira was the host of Nintendo’s 2015 World Championships, so he’s no stranger to working alongside the Big N for special events. Whether this presentation will reach the levels of the Championships remains to be seen, but it’s best to take things such as this with a handful of salt. What announcements would you like to see out of the GameStop Expo?

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  • Andrew Defty

    NX reveal… And I mean everything revealed!

    Wont happen, but it’s nice to dream… Sigh!

    • LinksDaydream

      Ill be daydreaming about it, thats for sure, I cant wait to see the NX be revealed whenever it does

      • grevlinghore

        Maybe in the Spring, after it´s been out on the store shelves for a couple of weeks without selling much because hardly anyone knew it came out at all, then they´ll come around to actually announcing it.

        • Andrew Defty

          Maybe they will be okay after the reveal of BotW. Now everyone who has not been living in a cave knows of it, and knows its coming to NX.

          But, they have to do a good marketing to gain good traction. Which I hope they do!

  • Steav Jan

    Here’s a peek into Nintendo’s presentation is very nice game….it is awsome