Skyward Sword may be one of the most devisive games in the Legend of Zelda series, but there’s no denying the game took the franchise into a bold new direction with its 1:1 controls while providing many unique experiences.

The motion controls, Impressionism-inspired art style, and linear gameplay — complete with, at times, an intrusive companion — are often sticking points in fans’ opinions. Yet at its core, Skyward Sword is a Zelda game not to be missed. It’s a surprisingly touching, often amusing game, and it explains much of the franchise’s lore while introducing memorable characters and dungeons.

If you own a Wii U and never had the opportunity to play Skyward Sword, the game is now available on the Virtual Console in both North American and Europe. (Gamers should note a Wiimotion+ controller and Nunchuck attachment are required for play.) Check out the Virtual Console launch trailer below, and fill that long wait until Breath of the Wild with another great Zelda game.