During today’s Nintendo 3DS Direct, Reggie unveiled four new Zelda amiibo. To mark the 30th Anniversary of the series we’re getting an 8-bit Link, in a similar style to the 8-bit Mario figure that released alongside Super Mario Maker. We’re also getting a Link figure based on Ocarina of Time‘s hero, and a pair of Wind Waker figures. One of Link waving the the Wind Waker itself, and one of Princess Zelda in all her cel-shaded glory.

The three Link figures will have the same functionality as the current Link amiibo, and Toon Zelda the same as her Smash Bros. counterpart. Reggie also revealed that the figures will be compatible with the upcoming Breath of the Wild, though what that functionality is remains a mystery.

The figures release on December 2, and needless to say, I’ll be pre-ordering all four. They’ll look fantastic alongside the Breath of the Wild amiibo once they arrive.

30th A amiibo