If getting married was something you were not really considering, then consider again, because if you do, you may be able to have these beautiful Majora’s Mask inspired wedding rings!

Takayas Custom Jewelry recently got the chance to forge the wedding rings of a lovely couple who loved Majora’s Mask. The rings take inspiration from several aspects of Majora’s Mask, including Anju and Kafei’s sun and moon masks, the Stone Temple, and the Clock Tower.

The first ring shown below is the women’s ring, and it showcases its inspiration from Kafei and Anju’s sun and moon masks, sort of morphing both masks into one ring. Takayas, the maker of the ring, took the unique patterns of both masks to make the ring.

majorasmaskzeldaengagementringtakayas1024x1024_thumb sunmoonmaskanjukafei_thumb

The second ring is the men’s ring, and it takes inspiration from the clock tower on the outside, and was influenced by the Stone Temple for the inner part of the ring, making the ring design similar to the dungeon’s entrance.



Certainly, you must be starting to feel the need to grab the person next to you and asking him or her to marry you now — and that’s perfectly acceptable. Just make sure you force them to buy you this specific ring set!

If you want to read the full story on the couple who asked to make the rings and some pictures of how the rings were actually made, head on over to Takayas Custom Jewelry’s website. Who knows, maybe you’ll ending up making a request of your own!

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