At this year’s Otakon, Akira Himekawa surprised fans with the international release window for their manga adaptation of Twilight Princess. Initially serialized in the MangaONE app this past February, the manga’s first volume got a physical publication in Japan on June 24. At the time, Viz Media couldn’t confirm the licensing of the manga outside of Japan. Now it’s confirmed that the manga will release in March 2017 in English-speaking territories. Germany will be getting the manga much sooner on November 17, courtesy of Tokyopop. There are also plans to translate the manga into French and Spanish.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Himekawa’s work with the Zelda series, or you’ve wanted an excuse to check out their work, don’t forget the older adaptations are being re-released in Legendary Editions, starting with Ocarina of Time parts one and two. The new editions will combine two volumes into one and will feature new covers, more colored art, and larger pages.