Two days ago, Akira Himekawa confirmed Twilight Princess would be their next Legend of Zelda manga. Now, we have a start date for the serialized manga, as well as some colored art.

Twilight Princess will be serialized in Manga One starting on February 8, 2016 with a new installment every two weeks. The application is available internationally, however as it will be in its native Japanese Western fans may want to wait until the official English translation becomes available. There’s no word on a date for the translation, but the Akira Himekawa Facebook page has confirmed there are plans to release one, and they will post information as soon as they receive word from the publisher and Nintendo.

In celebration of the new manga, Akira Himekawa shared a piece of promotional art featuring a very blonde Link, his fierce wolf side, and Midna in her mischievous imp form. Soak in all in while we wait for word of the English translation.

Twilight Princess manga large

And don’t forget, Twilight Princess HD will be releasing for the Wii U on March 4, 2016.