Today, Nintendo delighted Zelda fans by releasing a short video on their Facebook page — 36 beautiful seconds of Breath of the Wild with the caption, “Does this seem familiar?”. Why yes Nintendo, that does seem familiar! It appears to be none other than the famous Temple of Time, long after its glory days. While the video is short, it reveals a lot about the timeline placement of the new title. With the Temple of Time in ruins, this tells us that Breath of the Wild takes place well after the events of Ocarina of Time. You can watch the breathtaking video below, just be careful not to drool all over your keyboard. Squealing with glee is acceptable.


  • Nathan Pandora

    I think i screamed on the inside and out
    and that was when i saw the link on twitter
    when i watched the video
    I’m pretty sure i died

  • hihowareyou232 .

    I like how Nintendo is handling this game…A lot of nods to past games, but it looks like a whole new take on Zelda. I’m very excited for the final product

  • DimensionalRanger

    But how can we be sure it is the temple of time from OoT? The architecture is different from that one. Plus, a statue of Hylia is in there. During Oot, there was no trace at all of her Grace.

  • Andrew Defty

    Those statue urns around the Goddess, would we have to activate them some how (gathering relics) in order to gain the Master Sword and the Hero’s tunic?

    • What urns?

      • Andrew Defty

        Surrounding the statue of Hylia, there are smaller statues/urns. I think it looks like five or six. Look closely as the camera focuses on the inside of the temple. Hylia is shrouded in light, with the smaller statues/urns around her.

        • Isaac Thompson

          Maybe that means sages!

          • Andrew Defty

            They were my thoughts also. But, someone (can’t remember who) mentioned only four main temples, which is less than the number of small statues/urns. OoT had six sages… So, I still wonder what they are for, and more so now…

          • DimensionalRanger

            That is just a rumor, no Nintendo official has confirmed that.

  • Dan0709

    exactly how does this “new video” make you think anything new? it’s nothing new, we’ve seen the temple already in the demo…what a clickbait lol

  • GreenLinkMaster

    it’s a new look at the temple. I haven’t seen this much of it before. I think the ruined building I saw in the reveal trailer (recent one) was this temple. but this temple of time seems to be more like the one in Twilight Princess, which is slightly different than the one in OoT.
    that would explain why death mountain is not visible behind it, because both temples of time were in different locations.
    but then the problem is, TP temple was in a forest, and this one isn’t. that would make it seem more likely to be the OoT temple. maybe it’s another Temple of Time entirely? or maybe it’s the Temple of Time form SS, which was later changed up before everything fell into ruins. because of course this building is different from the one in SS too.
    but then the robots. yes I’m brining up the techno spider bots. those things don’t resemble anything in the Zelda series unless we look at SS. everything comes after SS, so of course this game probably comes after SS. honestly I still think that this is the “land below” that hasn’t been explored yet. like this is right after SS, and the people of Skyloft still have yet to fully explore and populate the world. those spider bots were probably used in the war between Hylia and Demise. these ruins are from that war that happened before SS. this is part of the world that we didn’t get to see or explore in SS.
    but maybe it’s not that soon after SS? maybe the people of Skyloft had explored and populated the world and built these structures? but then the great calamity, the curse, and spirit of Demise returned to wreak havoc as he said it would. it brought those spider bots with it somehow and causes chaos and destruction throughout the land. Link was lost in the chaos and had to be revived, and now finds himself in the ruins of what was the 1st kingdom of Hyrule from after the return to the surface. and this calamity, spirit of demise, has not yet taken a physical form as Gannon or any other villain we know yet.

  • Ryan Haney

    I’m looking forward to climbing that ?

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  • Chris Delisa

    It’s some nice footage, but wasn’t it obvious at E3 that this is the Temple of Time?

    • Rust

      Yeah. Text saying so even appeared on the screen at one point.

  • Portal2Player56

    actually death mountain is in the background.look near the temple to the seems erosion has torn away at death mountain over the years, making it not as grand as it once was back in oot.

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