Welcome to another Music Monday, and this week I’ve chosen the Temple of Time Remix by Newgrounds user “Mick-Mad.” If you’re a fan of anything relating to the Temple of Time, have a listen below.

For me, remixes are usually disappointing, as most of the remixes I have heard take the essence of the music away from the original. This remix, however, went completely against my preconceived notions and created an amazing atmosphere, carefully building layer upon layer of various instruments and vocals. It takes a lot of talent to achieve a perfect composition, and this remix certainly delivers.

The piece begins with footsteps in an “echo-y” chamber and immediately draws the listener into this world. It is so easy for the listener to imagine the great hall, the tower bells, and even the Master Sword through a composition like this. The addition of drums and differing harmonies certainly added to the experience. While listening to this song, it did almost feel like I was listening to the Halo soundtrack. Almost. Overall, the remix was a sensational experience for me and I will definitely think twice before turning my nose up at another remix in the future.

Check out the-MickMad’s profile and other mixes over at Newgrounds.