Emulator fans may well be familiar with the plethora of bluetooth controllers on the market that allow you to play your favourite games from older console generations using authentic control inputs, albeit without being physically tied to the game via a cable. Those of us that prefer to break out the consoles themselves, however, give the cartridge a quick blow and delve into A Link To The Past in the way that the good Miyamoto intended, but have had to make do with the de facto leash in old school wired controllers. But not any more.

Following on from their work on making a bluetooth receiver for the NES, 8bitdo and Analogue Interactive have now put one together for the SNES. The receiver works with a wide array of bluetooth controllers, including their own SNES30 and SFC30 replica controllers, and is compatible with both PAL and US versions of the SNES and Super Famicom. If you’re feeling like having a little cross generational fun you can even use your Wii U Pro controller, with the additional buttons being mapped to turbo. The receivers can be pre-ordered over at Play Asia. If you’re unsure if you want to buy it, or if you are unsure exactly how this works, this trailer might be the answer to your questions. Check it out below.

Sourceplay asia
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