If you have been looking for some Master Sword replicas to complete your Link cosplay, then this here might be your perfect chance.

David Leferink, the same person who helped us make the most accurate replica of the Master Sword, has made some new blades that are purposefully made to look like they have left their fair number of battles behind. Scratches, dents, and even a missing wing from the cross guard are all elements that make these swords look almost like the same blade our hero clad in green had used himself to battle countless enemies.

For those already thinking about your Breath of the Wild cosplay, this sword might be the one you’re looking for, as it is significantly damaged, to the point that it misses half the wing from the cross guard, reminiscent of the damaged and rusty Master Sword showcased in the Breath of the Wild trailer. This sword was David’s very first attempt at making a Master Sword replica, and this was the end result. The initial bid for this sword is one cent, due to its very damaged outlook. However, don’t be surprised to see it go up for a couple hundred dollars! It’s worth noting that this specific replica also comes with a wooden mold of the hilt, if you want to create your own replica! You can start placing your bids on this page.

master sword two master sword

If you are looking to complete your Dark Link cosplay, then this magnificent all-black Master Sword is for you, full with dents and scratches to simulate a battle-ridden blade, mostly likely from death matches against Link. This blade’s initial bid goes for 500 dollars, and you can try to outbid others on this page.

dark master sword two dark master sword

Finally, those seeking a less traditional design can also bid for this sleek Lady Master Sword design, which has a thinner and longer cross guard. The initial bid for this sword is 500 dollars, and you can place your bid on this page.

lady master sword two lady master sword

Full details for all three swords, such as the materials used, are on their own respective description space on their respective pages. Bids for all three of these replica’s have started only a couple of hours ago, so now’s your chance to gain yourself the Master Sword replica you’ve always wanted! Furthermore, the auction for all three blades closes in exactly one week, which is Saturday, August 6 at 6:40 PM. Well? What are you waiting for? Start bidding!

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