A trailer for the seemingly out-of-nowhere new Nintendo product, the NES Classic Edition, has been released! For those who are not in the know, The NES Classic Edition is a miniature NES system that will have 30 pre-installed games in it, ranging from Super Mario Bros. to the original Legend of Zelda to Final Fantasy; most of the NES’s most memorable titles are in this system. The system has been dubbed “mini” due to its small size, obviously, which allows it to be placed in the palm of your hand. It has also been revealed that the system will cost 59.99 dollars and will hit the stores on November 11. It seems like a fairly good deal; its a good price to pay to be able re-live all those nostalgia-filled games you enjoyed as a kid, or to introduce your children to the games of yore. Check out the trailer below, and if you want more info be sure to head to Nintendo’s site.

It’s worth noting that this system will not be able to connect to the internet, nor will you be able to buy or install other games for it, the 30 pre-installed games are all you get.

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