The music from the Legend of Zelda has always been very important to me. It not only determined my taste in music, but it greatly inspired me to do something I never thought I would do.

My mother is a piano teacher, and when I turned seven I began taking lessons — or rather was forced into taking lessons. as I really had no interest in music at the time. I liked to listen to it, but I had no desire to play it at all. I do not remember much about the lessons, except that there was a lot of yelling. I have always been very close with my mother, but having her as a teacher was difficult to say the least.  When I was ten I was finally given the choice to quit lessons, and of course I took that to my advantage. I stopped playing for an entire year. I wanted nothing to do with the horrid instrument. It wasn’t that I was bad at playing, but rather I just did not want to stir up the memories that were hidden in its keys. I was perfectly happy having nothing to do with the piano, but that all changed when I got my hands on The Wind Waker.

The Wind Waker was my very first Legend of Zelda game that I played through beginning to end, and I fell in love with the series ever since. Not only was that when I came to adore the series, but the music as well. When I first heard Zelda’s Lullaby, I was immediately captivated by the sweet melody. We used to have a clunky old keyboard in the basement that was shoved out of sight after I quit lessons, but after I heard that tune, something inside of me wanted to learn that lullaby. I pulled the keyboard over to my couch, plugged it in, and began to pick out the notes. I was terrible at reading music (and it still takes me an eternity to read it to this day), but playing by ear was something I was able to do.

It all started with a lullaby

I sat there for hours listening to the song, now being replayed through an old tape recorder, picking out each note. The melody was not too tough for me to figure out, but the chords were a totally different story. I found chords that went with the song, but were not exact (and they wouldn’t be for another few months). I played that song for hours. My mother came down into the basement, and was in shock once she saw me at the keyboard. We finally found a way we could both be happy. I never took lessons again, but from that moment on, we began to work together and learn these songs. When I borrowed Ocarina of Time from my friend, though I didn’t get too far into the story; instead I made sure to take my recorder and tape all of my favorite soundtracks: Lost Woods, Lon Lon Ranch, and all my other favorites.

I continued to learn these songs, and even performed them at piano recitals. As wonderful as it was, since I began college, I struggled making time for both school and piano. My last recital performance was a Majora’s Mask medley in 2013. I am now finished with school, and have more free time, yet I still rarely take a seat at the piano. Though I don’t do it as often as I used to, I would be lying if I said I did not have the urge to play every now and then. I don’t remember as many songs as I used to, but all the ones I do recall are from The Legend of Zelda. The music from this series will always be with me. It’s memorable, catchy, and overall breathtaking. My compliments to the musical staff Nintendo hired for this series! I’m not sure where I would be if I was not entranced by this music. What would I be listening to? Would I have ever gone back to playing the piano? All I know is that I am so thankful that it exists, and it all started with a lullaby.