Since 1998 when he came on board during development of Ocarina of Time, Eiji Aonuma has been at the heart of the Zelda franchise. However, Nintendo is apparently now encouraging the long-time series producer to branch out and work on new IP.

In a recent interview with Edge magazine, Aonuma mentioned how his employer has been telling him to create some new IP, as well as continuing to produce Zelda titles. No rest for the wicked eh? He didn’t give too much away, but hinted at the sort of thing he would be interested in producing. “Actually, Nintendo has been telling me to create a new IP. But then, they’re also telling me to make more Zelda games. I can’t really share much; I’m not sure I’m allowed to say anything. But I really like the idea of a game where I can live as a thief. That’s all I’ll say” he said.

Certainly sounds interesting, maybe some sort of stealthy sandbox affair? Who knows? But after nearly two decades working solely on Zelda titles, we’d love to see what else Aonuma could come up with when he’s let loose!

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