“Reggie, are you Zelda?”

When Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime sat down for an interview with Funhaus, he was probably expecting to talk about Breath of the Wild, not be asked if he was the titular princess or what his own favorite Zelda game was. But this isn’t any ordinary interview.

Funhaus, a subsidiary of Rooster Teeth, put together an intentionally clumsy sketch where they portray a couple of awkward Zelda fans who can’t quite believe that they’re talking to the Regginator himself. The interview quickly turns from Breath of the Wild to how much Reggie loves Zelda, before they both outright ask him for jobs at Nintendo and show him their homemade Zelda shirts.

Whether or not Reggie was informed beforehand, he was ready to play along. You may not learn anything new about Breath of the Wild from this video, but you’ll certainly have a few laughs.


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