According to a new mugshot sheet  on The Spriters Resource, the final three Hyrule Warriors DLC characters have now been leaked. Spoilers ahead if you don’t yet want to know which these characters are until their official reveal.

Placeholder mugshots have been discovered within the Japanese version of the game and include three names:

  • Tゼルダ = “T Zelda”
  • ラヴィオ = “Ravio”
  • ユガ = “Yuga”

We know that one character is coming in the Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks pack and two more in the Link Between Worlds pack. Ravio and Yuga are obviously from the latter due in November, so an educated guess would lead us to believe that the “T Zelda” points to the third character being Toon Zelda, fitting in perfectly for the Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks pack, scheduled for release in September.

There’s been no official confirmation from Nintendo as yet, but if the leak turns out to be accurate, the inclusion of Ravio is sure to make a lot of fans very happy.

Hyrule Warriors DLC

  • Shona

    Toon Zelda makes sense for both PH and ST, but I was hoping for Linebeck!

    • True Davad

      Tetra was in Phantom hourglass, but not Toon Zelda. Linebeck of course was in Phantom Hourglass and would make sense.

    • JaidynReiman

      Not really. Toon Zelda makes sense for ST, not PH. Linebeck makes sense for BOTH. He was a major character in PH, but he was also in ST as well (as a more minor/side character).

      What doesn’t make sense right now is “Phantom Hourglass” being in the title. TZ will mostly be based on ST, the map will definitely be New Hyrule. Sure, TZ will probably use Phantoms, but likely the ones from ST.

      The only “original” items from these two games came from Spirit Tracks, so although Toon Link could get a unique item from PH, none of the rarer Zelda items in PH originated in that game (Bombchus, Fishing Rod, Grappling Hook being the most original options from PH). The only unique item would be the Hourglass, but how would that work as a weapon?

      LBW could’ve been any two of the three. Most people expected Ravio and Yuga, personally I thought it was extremely likely they might opt for Hilda instead, but knew it could go anyway.

  • Isaac Cook

    RIP Vaati. 🙁

    • True Davad

      Vaati not being in it is a letdown if you ask me. He really would have been awesome. I am a big fan of his character and want him to return. They don’t have enough reappearing main villains. Vaati is the only one besides Ganondorf, yet Yuga apparently gets added to the game and not him.

      Also no Twinrova is another disappointment. There are too many possibilities to include all, but they need to include more of the them. What about the other Sages? They could definitely do Nabooru. Rauru could incorporate Kaebora Gaepora or whatever the owl’s name was. They gave Lana the Deku Stick despite no relation besides being found in the forest, yet no Saria. What about Demise who was mentioned in-game, granted they gave Ganondorf his style, but that should have been considered at the beginning.

      The list goes on and on. Veran, Onyx, Makar, the Hero’s Shade, Oshus, and Hilda. They included unexpected characters like Agitha, The King of Red Lions, and Tetra. So they could include, though I don’t require all, use less clear characters like; Linebeck, Groose, The Oracles, Vire, etc. I don’t expect the resistance from TP (Though I would not be against it) as characters, but original character Lana got at least 3 styles when so many original characters didn’t make the roster. We need more.

      • Isaac Cook

        I actually think Tetra was a good addition. I agree with you though. They seemed to be making the classic Smash Bros logic of “Let’s surprise people with things they neither expect nor want”.

        I’m not understanding why they devote entire packs to singular games instead of multiple games. Why not have a pack devoted to a few of their top-down games instead? They could have put Vaati in along with Ravio, instead of what is basically a less notable version of Ganondorf (though he has an awesome theme, tbh)

        I don’t even OWN Legends. I’m just banking on all this being released for the Wii U at some point.

        • True Davad

          I am not saying Tetra was a bad addition, I just think a lot of great Zelda characters were not used that would have been awesome. I think they should use as many pre-established Zelda characters as they can make work. I am fine with the unexpected additions as long as they get as many of the truly needed characters as possible.

          I also completely agree that 2D games need more representation. Manhandla is good, and Marin a nice surprise, but Vaati and others are perfect for inclusion.

          I actually still haven’t gotten Legends for some reason, but I plan to get it soon. I am not sure if you can get the Legends characters on Wii U without Legends, but I know you can if you have Legends. I think without Legends it might be payed DLC, but I am not at all sure.

  • Comamor

    Tetra was in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. Toon Zelda was for Spirit Tracks. Linebeck would of been a better choice but I still want to see what they planned with T.Z.

  • Shoutmonc

    I have other predictions like if you have all the dlc characters for hyrule warriors you’ll see that if 3 new characters are coming then that would only be half of a new row of characters and there will still be 3 ones left, two of them could be Vaati and Linebeck the third one I don’t know the reason I say Linebeck could be in there I know that there is already a phantom hourglass pack coming with a lot saying it’s toon zelda, but to my point look at skull kid he’s clearly Majora’s Mask skull kid cause he has Majora’s mask, but there was already a Majora’s Mask Pack that had Young Link and Tingle with the Termina Map, so if that’s so then Linebeck can be in the next pack of characters.