Shigeru Miyamoto addressed the topic of VR at the latest Nintendo shareholder meeting, saying that the company has been researching it, and any product they release must be affordable and able to be played for long periods of time.

While these annual meetings aren’t normally the platform Nintendo uses to make major announcements, they often offer interesting tidbits of information and insights into the company’s strategy. One shareholder, Twitter user NStyles, tweeted along during the meeting and the tweets were translated by Cheesemeister. It’s no secret that Nintendo has an interest in VR, and Miyamoto reaffirmed that Nintendo is researching the technology. “I heard VR was a hot topic at E3, so I went to check it out,” he said. “It was on display, but it wasn’t what I expected. We’re also researching VR, so we have the core technology. Long play sessions are an issue. We want to release something that can be played for long periods, carries value, and is affordable. We want parents to feel at ease.”

While it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything VR related from Nintendo in the near future, especially with the NX around the corner, his comment that what he saw at E3 wasn’t what he expected is certainly interesting. Does this mean that Nintendo has a different, innovative approach to the type of VR we’ve been seeing from companies such as Oculus? Only time will tell.

In the same shareholder meeting, Miyamoto also said that Nintendo is aiming for sales of 2 million copies of Breath of the Wild worldwide.