Nintendo’s shareholder meetings rarely throw up any huge information, but if you pay attention there can be some interesting tidbits, and this month’s meeting was no exception.

According to Twitter user Cheesemeister who translated the minutes, the staff behind the game consists of over 100 people and the end credits itself contains over 300. That closing cinematic at the end of the game should be great to watch. Miyamoto says that Nintendo are planning on recouping that expenditure by “selling in large volumes”. Large volumes to Mr Miyamoto apparently equates to, “passing 2 million sales. A game is a hit in the domestic market if it reaches 300,000 sales, but we’re targeting worldwide sales.”

For comparison, whilst there’s no sales data yet for Twilight Princess HD, the high definition remake of Wind Waker on Wii U sold 1.72 million copies according to VG Sales. Remakes and spin-offs aside, the last home console entry into the series, Skyward Sword, sold 3.67 million copies. One would think that although the Wii U has a relatively poor install base, the hype the game has received in the wake of its E3 showing, coupled with it coming to NX as well, should mean that it shouldn’t have too much problem surpassing Miyamoto’s target.