Are these the remains of Castle Town from Ocarina of Time hidden within the Great Plateau in Breath of the Wild? Since the Temple of Time is here too, and this game is most likely set after Ocarina of Time, it should stand to reason that no matter which of the three timelines we’re in, Castle Town should exist in some form or another.

A video by theorist Zeltik expands on growing evidence to support this case.

The remains were originally pointed out in a post by Reddit user TeekayJames, supported by map comparison from NiteMary which shows how the Castle Town map landmarks overlay onto the Great Plateau.

As the old man found in Breath of the Wild reveals, “This is the Great Plateau. According to legend, this is the birthplace of the entire kingdom of Hyrule.”


It’s definitely interesting to see how the map lines up with maps from previous games.

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  • That’s a pretty neat theory. I’m inclined to forgive changes in map layout if only because there’s decent odds artistic license would be employed to design a smoother experience. On the other hand, the observation that the plateau/Castle Town was moved is compelling.

    It gives me more hope yet for a game circa the Imprisoning War!

    • Ether101

      You mean OoT? There’s a few old interviews where Miyamoto and at lest one other head developer make it very clear that the period from Link getting sealed away to the point Ganon is sealed at the end of the game is the Imprisoning War despite that not making sense.

      • True Davad

        According to my memory of Hyrule Hystoria; the imprisoning War was after Link being less successful in Oot final battle, Ganon gets the full triforce, but Sages still somehow imprison him in the Sacred realm. The war was him trying to free himself and Hyrule’s armies successfully defend themselves with the Sages re-empowering the seal on Ganon in the Sacred Realm, now Dark World. The war probably did not even involve Link after Ganon’s initial sealing, so they can’t cover it directly with Link too easily.

        • Ether101

          Hyrule Historia’s take on the thing made no sense. It insists that the Sages are able to do that on the spot without any further expiation. On the other hand, an old interview with Miyamoto had him very clearly state that OoT is the Imprisoning War.

          • True Davad

            Ganon would have been weakened from fighting Link if I recall. I think it is weird myself, but either way Hyrule Historia is more recent and canon so the Imprisoning War is what happened after Ganon was imprisoned rather than the imprisonment itself.

            Also note that Ganon was threatening to break free so the seal may not have been as good as in the Adult Triumph timeline. Although he did escape sometime in that one too…

  • Pontus Nilsson

    This could actually be plausible :/

  • Ashley van der Ham

    Great video, I see the resemblance of areas, and this does make me think its avter OoT.

    • True Davad

      Ganon is in it, so it should be after Oot as that is the first incarnation of Ganondorf/Ganon we know of.

  • Dawidson

    Maybe this Link is from the time line ganon win and he as sleep/recovery and waiting the right time to defeat Ganon in this time line…..

    • True Davad

      Just curious, Which timeline is that again? Ganon is imprisoned in every timeline after Oot instead of truly winning. I’m not disputing something like that happening, I just want to know where you are coming from.

      • Gr3yStar

        In the third timeline, Link loses to ganondorf and that leads to ALttP, ALBW, Legend of Zelda, and Zelda II.
        You can read it up from Hyrule Historia.

        • True Davad

          Thought you might be talking about that. That is where he was imprisoned in the sacred realm for a link to the past, so he didn’t win and couldn’t even face Link until A Link to the past. He was also defeated in a Link to the past by a different incarnation so I think that rules out that theory. Sorry.

          • Gr3yStar

            Not sure what theory you are talking about unless you directed that at Dawidson, but what i’ve said comes straight from the source.

  • Jason Lee

    Stupid theory. Read Hyrule Historia the explanation for geographical differences is that the stories are all Legends meaning there are no set maps.

    • True Davad

      I don’t remember it saying that anywhere in Hyrule Historia. The maps are almost always relatively the same for the same version of Hyrule. The volcano, the lake, the forest, Kakariko Village, the dessert, etc are in the same general locations.

      It doesn’t really tell you where it is in the timeline but I wouldn’t be so rude calling it stupid. Details may change with the era, but it isn’t so different as to be require that kind of explanation.

  • Tomol

    It is definitely in the Child Timeline
    it is the only timeline where
    Ganon didn’t change Hyrule Castle into Ganon’s Castle