Breath of the Wild is the hottest topic these days, but while the fanbase enjoys the E3 footage that can be found online, Eiji Aonuma is already thinking further. But before we take a look into the future, let’s go back to the past. Back in 2013 he said that “he wants to rethink the conventions of Zelda“. So what happened to the idea?

The freedom of choice was one aspect of these conventions, as Aonuma wanted to allow players to decide freely in which order the player completes dungeons. Another one of those characteristic Zelda conventions is that the series is understood as a game that is played all by yourself. While we have seen that Zelda works very well as a multiplayer experience on several occasions, this won’t be part of Breath of the Wild. Instead, Link faces the world all by himself, with not even a companion tagging along this time (except for the users of the Amiibo feature).

“We will continue to [experiment] throughout the Zelda franchise.”

We have seen the results clearly in A Link Between Worlds, Breath of the Wild and Tri Force Heroes, but what does the future hold?

Aonuma explains in an interview with IGN what he plans for the series’ future. He assures that he and the team “will continue to [experiment] throughout the Zelda franchise.”

He’d like to use his experience developing Breath of the Wild and fuse it into another multiplayer game. “I would like to take what I learned from Breath of the Wild and see if we can somehow fuse those learning points into another multiplayer Zelda.”

While Aonuma enchants the series with new approaches and innovative ideas, there is a possibility that the next series installment will feature some kind of multiplayer mode. But, seeing as how they managed to pull it off with Tri Force Heroes, undoubtedly it will be an extremely fun game to play.

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  • VrahnkenEisenbach

    I could see it working with Breath of the Wild’s style of gameplay. Puzzles aren’t as structured as they are in other games and are much looser. In other multiplayer Zeldas you’d have to design puzzles specifically around the fact that you’d have more than one player and that limits your creativity a lot in some ways.

  • JaidynReiman

    If it reuses assets from Breath of the Wild and is a 3D multiplayer game, I love the idea. We’ve never had a multiple player 3D main Zelda title.

    If its just another 2D multiplayer, “meh.” Four Swords Adventures I thought was pretty fun, though.

  • True Davad

    I think Zelda needs more multiplayer. It can be a secondary mode like Spirit Tracks or phantom Hourglass in my mind, but I would really like more of it, perhaps with multiple playable characters?

  • Dan0709

    just give us the sheik spin-off…just give us the sheik spin-off…
    just give us the sheik spin-off… yeah i want that game to happen, so what?…

    • Tom Garcia

      get fan trapped m7

  • Dan0709

    I’m actually wondering if they are gonna continue working on huge “open air” worlds (as they like to call it) for the upcoming games…It would surely take a lot (or maybe not, i don’t know) to make each upcoming game THAT huge o.o…

  • Sarah Monahan

    Hyrule Warriors Sequel! XD

  • Cynius

    Why they don’t just add multiplayer as it is in Dark Souls? just ghosts or something you find while you are exploring that are other players, and they see you too as a ghost by they perspective, that can’t affect the plot

  • Tom Garcia

    Co-op would be great plsss japanese ignore the close-minded haters

  • Ether101

    Throw Zelda in there and make very one happy.