A few months ago, the rumour that the NX would be using cartridges instead of the now traditional discs surfaced on the internet, intriguing all gamers alike. As it has always been, people were skeptical of the rumour, although many also agreed that it wasn’t entirely out of the question. However, this rumour has now gained strength thanks to the all-seeing eyes of a NeoGAF user who found this interesting tidbit in the trademark filing for Breath of the Wild, which will be releasing for the NX as well as the Wii U. Click the image below for a better view:

botw trademark filing

Notice how the Goods and Services section mentions “video game cartridges”. The user who discovered this also showed off other Wii U titles and none of them mentioned cartridges. He also showed some 3DS titles which do make mention of cartridges as well. You can catch the original post on NeoGAF’s forum page.

The use of cartridges wouldn’t be the worst of ideas, as they allow for more storage than in the past, and they are exceptionally cheaper than discs. The NX is also rumoured to be unveiled this upcoming September at the Tokyo Game Show, so perhaps we won’t have to wait long before we learn the truth behind this rumour.

  • Michael Cortorreal

    So are cartridges cheaper than disks or not?
    🙁 No one seems to agree on the matter, can someone light me on the subject.

    • Dan0709

      i hear it’s cheaper, like…everywhere i hear it. Never heard of someone saying the opposite.

      • Michael Cortorreal

        In the N64 era, they were expensive.
        I know they have evolved and expanded since then to the point they became a staple or a necessity today.

        By cartridges you have to think outside of the box, since USB memory sticks and SD cards ARE cartridges, they are more used now than ever.

        But still I hear everywhere that SD cards are more expensive than disks, even today.
        I guess it’s a thing of mass production? That will tell us if it’s gonna be expensive or not

        • Dan0709

          well yeah they were expensive in the past, but that’s a long time ago now. Yeah i don’t think they will go with SD cards type of cartridge, they don’t want to spend more money than they did with the wii u, unless they are super sure about the console success already lol which apparently they are…

          • Michael Cortorreal

            I am more inclined they will use USB memory sticks for this or something akin to it if they go that route, small…good to use and heck who knows…might work as handheld cartridges as well.

            Those things load and read fast (if the machine comes with a USB 3.0 port), so the idea in itself is not farfetched.

  • Does anyone have a source for a Nintendo patent for another game that doesn’t include cartridges?

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  • SortingHat

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