Truly a calm and serene piece of music, SamiaAntha performs a wonderful cover of Serenade of Water on the harp. The arrangement is inspired by the Twilight Princess rendition of the tune, and has the same hauntingly beautiful tone. The performer plays gracefully throughout, keeping a slow and steady pace. A perfect song to listen to when trying to relax.

Now clear your mind, close your eyes, and listen. Envision Sheik as she serenades Link in the frozen caverns. Imagine Rutela’s spirit as she wistfully watches over her child from above.

“Now listen to the Serenade of Water to reflect upon yourself…”

The harp has always been a favorite instrument of mine (actually because of the Legend of Zelda), and I am thrilled to hear such a lovely interpretation of the Serenade of Water. SamiaAntha also covers a variety of other Legend of Zelda and fandom-based songs on the harp. It is definitely worth visiting her YouTube page, you will surely not be disappointed.