The trailer for Breath of the Wild has hit over 6 million views, making it the most watched video on Nintendo’s YouTube channel!

This accomplishment comes after the title became the most searched game coming out of E3. The 2nd most watched video on Nintendo’s channel is the introduction video to the 2DS which has 6.2 million views as opposed to Breath of the Wild’s 6.3 (and climbing).  What is even more impressive is that the video hasn’t even been online for a full week.

What do you think of this achievement?

  • kudi

    Ah hum… :3

  • my booths

    Ofcourse it is! Everytime I watch it I shed a tear that I know nothing about this game than what is speculated :'( I really hope they release some more tid bits leading up…a whole 2017 is so far away lolol