It’s all over, Crash Bandicoot has been hunted to extinction and Kratos lies dead with a Master Sword in his chest: Zelda has won E3. The guys over at Brandwatch have been tracking social media activity around the event and have confirmed what we all knew, Breath of the Wild is the most talked about game. And by some margin.

They looked at the games mentioned in the conferences from EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony, and Bethesda, as well as Nintendo’s Treehouse live presentation, and analysed the number of mentions each game got between Sunday and Tuesday, with Breath of the Wild far and away the most discussed title shown this year. We here at ZU are probably responsible for half of that, given all the info Nintendo has thrown at us was shared with you lovely people! Either way, Nintendo must be pleased with the response the game has gotten, but they all need to go away and finish it now so we can all play it. 2017 has never seemed further away.

Click on the image below for a better look at how Zelda is destroying the competition!