New footage of the day/night cycle in Breath of the Wild from the Nintendo of Japan website unveils some more interesting information about the world in which Link will find himself.

Huge bosses in the wild

Ten seconds into the footage you can clearly see a huge object moving up the left hand side of Death Mountain. It’s impossible to make out exactly what it is, but if it’s some sort of enemy, Link better watch out! We’ve already seen how Link can come across pretty formidable boss battles whilst out exploring Hyrule and this could well be another mighty foe which our hero could have to face. The prospect of taking on huge bosses out in the open rather than cooped up in a dungeon is one of the many conventions Breath of the Wild breaks, and we can’t wait to take part in epic battles with this games glorious vista as the backdrop.

Death MountainDeath Mountain boss

Mana from heaven

Watching the footage once it passes into night time also throws up another surprise. At the 16:30 mark we clearly see a meteorite fall from the sky and crash into the surface of Hyrule. The impact zone then has a beacon shining up into the night sky, luring Link to come and inspect the crash site. We can only speculate as to what might be there, more crafting materials perhaps, though none we’ve seen so far merit their own beacon. It could be some rather rare item then. Who knows, perhaps even a moon’s tear!


Regardless, it’s clear that the footage we saw yesterday at E3 barely scratches the surface of what this game has to offer, with Aonuma-san stating that what was on show doesn’t even amount to 2% of the final game. You can view the footage for yourself at Nintendo of Japan’s site

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