In the newest trailer for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we saw many new elements that were added to the game in order to spice up things for Zelda fans, and one of those things seem to be enemies. Now, we’re no strangers to fighting enemies in Zelda games, but what seems to be a new element is encountering large enemies on the field, similarly to the large enemies encountered in Xenoblade Chronicles X. This can be seen twice on the trailer, once at the beginning, where we can appreciate a large skeleton enemy walking on a cliff, and the other is a large boulder enemy that seems to assemble itself out of nowhere.

large skeleton enemy breath of the wind rock enemy breathe of the wind

Surely, these aren’t the only large enemies we’ll be encountering on the field, but it is just a taste of the difficulty the game will be having, as well as the much talked about “breaking the Zelda conventions” Aonuma and company have been talking about for years.