Dotting Hyrule’s vast landscape are over 100 shrines a player can enter. Housed within each is a trial for the hero to complete, and should he make it through the trial alive, he receives a spirit orb!

Breath of the Wild: Cold Shrine

The trials in each shrine are puzzle based, requiring the player to use the skills they have acquired on their journey to make it through until the end. Should you reach the finish, you will be greeted by an ancient monk who claims he created the trial, and is there to help those against Ganon.

ganon breath of the wild

He will grant the player a spirit orb that can later be traded for new items, such as the paraglider. It was mentioned that something special will be bestowed on those who receive all of the spirit orbs, and given the sheer number of shrines in game, this is quite the feat!

It is important to note that, while these areas are similar to dungeons, they are not one in the same. It is apparent that there are multiple types of shrines that are delineated by the color of their entrance, and the environment inside of the shrine is dependent on the environment outside.

The shrines are sure to keep any gamer busy between dungeons. Collecting all of the spirit orbs will be a challenge, but will hopefully have an incredible reward in the end.

Breath of the Wild: Monk