Few characters in the Zelda series are as mysterious as Fierce Deity Link from Majora’s Mask, and in the latest Zelda Universe Mailbag, Alex Weiss sheds some light on this enigmatic warrior.  Since his spirit is contained in a mask, he must have been alive at some point. How long ago was that and how did he die? Join Alex as he explains who this deity is and what makes him so fierce. And if you have a Zelda  question you would like answered, be sure to leave it in the comments section of the video on YouTube, or tweet it to us using #ZUmailbag.

  • Ryan Haney

    Wind Waker is my favorite, too.

    With the Feirce Deity Mask, I like to get unlimited magic and replay the boss battles, on those days when I am not trying to solve anything, just beat up monsters.

  • The mailbag team even taught me something this time!

  • Vladislak

    This is going to be a long post so bear with me.

    I got the impression that there IS no actual entity known as “fierce deity”. He briefly mentions it in the video, but Aonuma said “The best way to think about it is that the memories of all the people of Termina are inside of the Fierce Deity Mask.”.

    But it should be noted that this statement was made in response to the question “Whose soul is inside the Fierce Deity Mask?”. That’s the only response Aonuma gave, so that would imply that all there is to the mask is that it has the memories of the people of Termina in it.

    This makes some degree of sense, since you need to have collected masks from many different people in Termina to even acquire FD mask. Perhaps their memories came with them.

    This is supported by the line “The Fierce Deity Mask, a mask that contains the merits of all masks, seems to be… somewhere in this world…”.

    So if FD mask contains the merits of all the masks, and FD mask contains the memories of the the people of Termina, it’s possible that those merits are simply the memories of the people related to the masks, and that it’s those memories that are granting Link the various abilities that the masks have.

    When asked “Why does it hurt so much for Link to wear the transformation masks?” Aonuma replied:

    “We’re talking about masks that were created to contain the memories of
    people who have died. Often there are things they really wanted to do
    before they left this world, so becoming them is actually really painful
    because it’s like hosting a really powerful spirit that’s coming into

    So the transformation masks don’t quite contain the souls of the people who they’re based on, but rather their memories. It’s “like” hosting their souls, but not quite the same.

    So wearing the FD mask, which is a transformation mask in it’s own right, is to take on the memories of the people of Termina. There is no “soul” within FD Mask, just memories.

    Given what the mask does, my perspective is that these memories are primarily ones of sadness, pain, and anger over what Skull Kid did to the people of Termina. By that logic, Link would basically be attacking Majora with the anger of the people of Termina.

    This would also explain why the mask is only usable against bosses; the people aren’t specifically angry at a random wolfos running about outside Goron village, they’re angry at the entity causing the endless winter (Goht), the same can be said of the other bosses.

    Granted that last little bit of this post is partly speculation, but I think it’s pretty clear that FD mask simply contains the memories of the Terminians and not the soul of some nameless deity.