After it was recently revealed that Nintendo would begin work on movies based on some of our favorite franchises, there has been much speculation and debate as to which films they may produce and how serious they are in their production. In the past, Nintendo films have been met with a lot of criticism, so many fans are wary of this new-found ambition.

However, it would seem that production of these films are already in full swing, as a new job listing¬†posted by Nintendo of America shows. In the advert, Nintendo are looking to hire an IP Art Asset Specialist for their offices in Redmond, WA. The description specifies,¬†however, that the job involves work for “use in movies and external websites”.

It also says that the job role will work on “franchises such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Splatoon“, suggesting that these could well be some of the potential subjects for the upcoming movies. However, the job role will also focus on “merchandise, including toys, figures and clothing; promotional materials for events including objects and full-body suits; and character proposals and artwork”, so it is hard to be certain.

Either way, it’s a great sign that Nintendo are fully committed to their movie production this time round and that development is soon to begin. We can’t wait!

Which Nintendo movie do you want to see first?

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