When I think of Fi from Skyward Sword, a few words that come to mind would be graceful, elegant, and radiant; however the artwork done by DeviantArt user Wynahiros takes a unique twist on the character. Instead of using the bright colors that Skyward Sword is known for, the artist uses darker tones. Fi is also given a somewhat bitter expression. Fi’s expressions are hard to play with when drawing, so I really admire that the artist managed to make her look so menacing. Instead of seeming like a delicate child, she looks powerful and ready to become the Master Sword.

As well as the lovely take on the character, the art style is also something to be commemorated. The drapery on Fi’s garments look incredible, particularly the segment above her crystal. The way the light blue intertwines with the violet-red is simply gorgeous. The element that captures my attention most would actually be the sacred flames that surround Fi. The colors are bright, but don’t seem out of place. The tails of the wisps are drawn so naturally with an opacity drop as the tail dies out, it’s easy to follow the flames around the piece.

What else can be said about this artwork that hasn’t already been said? It’s fantastic. It takes a unique turn on an iconic Skyward Sword character and is beautifully illustrated. I would love to see more of the background in another drawing, the segment which we do see of it are intensely detailed and wonderful. Of course, it might take away from the focus point, so the artists decision is understandable. Overall, all I have left to say is thank you, wynahiros, for sharing this wonderful piece of art.


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