Back in March Nintendo detailed the new, upcoming packs available for Hyrule Warriors and its 3DS counterpart Hyrule Warriors Legends. At the time no releases were set for any of the packs, but now we know the Master Wind Waker pack will be arriving on May 19, 2016.

This pack is exclusive to the 3DS version, and along with new costumes, an adventure map, and My Fairy accessories we’re also getting Medli as a playable character. Buying the season pass for this pack and the others will also net you a new costume for Ganondorf, but the pack is available at a standalone price as well.

As a huge Wind Waker fan, I couldn’t be more excited! Check out the trailer below to see Medli in action, as well as the new additions the pack brings.

  • Ryan

    Isn’t Medli a free download on 3DS and Wii U irregardless of the DLC pack. She should just be there after the update

    • Ima Badlady

      Yeah, I kept reading that Medli was going to be for free.

    • Billy Tran

      Yeah its just that in the 3ds version, Medli won’t be getting her level 2/3 weapon without the master wind waker pack I believe. The Wii u will have it as random drops.

  • Ima Badlady

    Is this the pack that has the Zant outfit for your companion fairies?