If you’ve been following Zelda Universe’s fan dub adapation of Hyrule Warriors: Legends, then you’ll be excited to know that act five is finally out! This time, the focus is on Linkle, voiced by Isabelle Amponin, who believes she is the hero reborn. This belief leads to her to numerous battles while lost in Faron Woods during her travels to Hyrule Castle, and even loses her compass to Skull Kid along the way. She makes no hesitation in helping those who need it, and aims to fulfill her destiny as the hero.

Act five consists of five levels, The Girl in the Green Tunic, where she finds herself lost in Faron Woods, and Skull Kid steals her compass. The Demon Lord’s Plan, where Linkle aids Fi in the prevention of Ghirahim’s ceremony to revive the Demon King. Powers Collide where she helps Ruto and Darunia fend off against Volga and his monstrous forces. Her True Self, where she aids Midna, as briefly regains her Twili form, to rescue Zelda in the Twilight Palace. Lastly, The Other Hero where Linkle finally arrives at Hyrule Castle, albeit after Ganon had been defeated by the Hero and his allies. Nonetheless, she helps Impa fight against a final wave of monsters in the absence of Link and Zelda. The movie can be viewed below, so grab some popcorn, get comfortable, and enjoy the show!