The Symphony of the Goddesses is entering its 2016-2017 season with new footage, new tour dates, and something special for the fans.

The Wind Waker baton former conductor Eimear Noone made famous in the Symphony‘s first season is now available for pre-order through the official shop. The baton is around 15 in/38 cm long, and roughly 3 in/7 cm at its widest point. As a huge fan of the quirky “Celda” game, I can’t wait to receive my own Wind Waker when they release in June 2016.

Wind Waker baton

On top of these lovely batons, the Symphony has added more tour dates around the world for its new season. You can check out the updated schedule to find your closest show. Additionally, fans of Twilight Princess will be pleased to know the new HD footage will be featured during the concert, replacing the dated Wii footage.

Will you be getting a baton of your own? Perhaps you can add it to your cosplay, or showcase it on your game shelf. In any case, it will be a fine addition to any Zelda fan’s collection.