For those who are unaware, Nintendo uses Miiverse for special events like sharing behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from games, or to give Miiverse users special info you can’t get anywhere else. They also have special “Miitings” with the best and brightest minds Nintendo has to offer, and this time, Eiji Aonuma, famed Legend of Zelda producer, was the one being interviewed. The interview provided a lot of insight into the mind of Mr. Aonuma, so let’s get right into the recap!

For starters, the development team was torn between creating Twilight Princess just for the Wii or just for the GameCube, thus creating a headache in development at the time of the Wii. For the Wii U version, Aonuma and the development team decided to try and use everything the Wii U does right and uses correctly for controls such as the GamePad, since the game doesn’t allow for Wii Remote controls. The map in Twilight Princess HD plays a vital role in the game, and the GamePad is easy to use as a map, so in that respect it was an easy decision. It was also a way for them to tweak the controls and improve them. The GamePad also allowed for Amiibo interaction for the game, so the team went with a Wolf Link Amiibo. Aonuma explains, “Well, we had already released Link, Zelda and Ganon Amiibo figures in the Super Smash Bros. series, and when we thought about what character best represented The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, it was a pretty easy decision!” Speaking of Amiibo, Aonuma adds, “”To tell you the truth, I personally liked the idea of making a Telma amiibo, but that was just me”.

“To tell you the truth, I personally liked the idea of making a Telma amiibo, but that was just me”

One of the selling points for Aonuma for bringing Twilight Princess to the Wii U was being able to have better picture quality. Being able to see further into the distance makes it easier to solve puzzles and makes the game much more fun. The more realistic the game looks, the more fun it will be too. They wanted to recreate the same smooth feel the original game had!

It was interesting to hear Aonuma talk about things that he missed replaying the game ten years later and having a negative feel toward those things. They were rectified for the HD remake but again, it was interesting to hear him think of himself as “smug” ten years ago when the original game came out. It was also interesting to hear that the Wolf Link transformation was based on a dream that Aonuma had while on business. Wolf trapped in a jail cell — gee, sound familiar?

Another interesting conversation that was brought up was the cutscene at the end of the game involving Zant and his neck. It was revealed that no one really knows what was going on there since the guy who created that scene was a “lone wolf.” Since he was a lone wolf, it was the reason he was used for the cutscenes, because he could make them dark and mysterious the way he was.

This Miiting was a very interesting read and you can read the whole interview at Miiverse’s official page. It was neat to hear Eiji Aonuma’s thoughts on Twilight Princess HD now compared to ten years ago when the game first released.