What is better than having a cute girl cosplaying as Link while playing the harp in the middle of the woods? Two identical cute girls playing the harp cosplaying as Link in the middle of the woods, that’s what. That is exactly what the Harp Twins have done in their latest video. These two twins, Camille and Kennerly, are both harpists, who enjoy making musical covers of video games and other types of music.

The duo perform a cover of Ocarina of Time’s “Lost Woods”, and let me tell you that it is just wonderful. Not only is the cover excellent, but the wooded area where they filmed is also beautiful: it almost seemed like they’re two actual characters from the game come to life.

These girls have also done a cover of Skyward Sword‘sBallad of the Goddess” which is just as beautiful as the Lost Woods cover, so definitely check this out too!

As mentioned above, The Harp Twins also do many other covers outside of video game music, from movies soundtracks such as Lord of the Rings to heavy metal covers such as Megadeth, so I’m sure they have something that will cater to your musical needs. You can have a look through their complete list of uploads on their official YouTube channel.

Thanks to Nathan Brown for the tip!