Singing the “Happy Birthday” song for a friend on his birthday is a nice gesture, but having a Zelda medley arranged just for him? That’s some best friend material right there, and Darren Kerwin, producer of the Super Smash Bros. album “Harmony of Heroes”, did just that! “Coming of Age” is a medley of music from Ocarina of Time arranged by Stephan Wells, with Matt Macellaio on violin and Ariane Côté playing French horn. To add some personalization to the gift, Kerwin himself performed the vocals, ocarina and maracas.

“Coming of Age” tells the story of Link’s Ocarina of Time quest, starting with a cheery Celtic feel and growing more operatic as Link leaves Kokiri Forest, enters the Temple of Time and pulls the Master Sword from its pedestal — quite fitting for someone celebrating a birthday. You can listen to “Coming of Age” below and download the song from Newgrounds.