It’s no secret that Hyrule Warriors Legends will be taking advantage of the New 3DS’ extra horsepower, having learned last year that there will be no 3D effect on older 3DS systems. Unfortunately, according to Destructoid’s reviews editor Chris Carter, the situation on old 3DS models is much worse than a simple downgrade — “garbage” is how he described the experience. Oh dear.

Chris has a review copy of the game, and decided to test it on both a standard 3DS and a New 3DS. For the former, he says, “It’s really, really bad, with sub 30fps performance and no option for 3D. It was so poor, I didn’t even want to play through the first stage.”

As for the New 3DS, Hyrule Warriors Legends “runs optimally without the 3D effect on with the New unit, at a very stable framerate that rivals the Wii U version. It’s fine with the 3D on actually, you’ll just get a slight dip — but it’s playable.” It seems as though Nintendo should have played it safe and made the title a New 3DS exclusive, like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

Be aware that we’ll have our own review and impressions of the game soon enough, which will allow us to give you our own opinion on the matter. For now, just consider this a warning from a reliable source. Speaking of which, Destructoid hit the 10-year mark today!

  • Isaac Cook

    That’s what I thought. If there’s ever going to be a stand-alone DLC for the Wii U version, I’ll wait for that.

    • Andrew McCue

      Agreed. Already got the other DLC for the Wii U, why should I shell out $40 to get it on the 3DS? There’s one thing i’d like the Wii U game to get implemented via patch, though: the ability to swap between characters in a level. The 3DS is getting it, so why can’t the Wii U?

      • Deva Ashera

        The 3DS version is getting it primarily as a replacement for 2 Player Co-Op.
        Honestly, I see the extra storylines and content on the 3DS version to warrant my purchase, since I also just love the idea of a portable Hyrule Warriors, but I can see why many don’t.
        I’m pretty much certain the new characters, weapons, etc will become stand alone DLC for Wii U in the future..including Legends’ DLC.

  • Sebastian Izaguirre

    You can check gameplay footage here:

    It’s actually not as bad as they make it seem. It’s not optimal, sure, but also not as bad. I would say between 15- 25 fps? It’s still playable.

    Besides, I hope that they’ll release a patch down the road to help with the issue.

  • Tyke Figueroa

  • Hero Gamer

    Scrap… I really hope they patch that… cause I do NOT want to shell out for a New 3DS just to play Hyrule Warriors

    • Deva Ashera

      It might not be something they can patch..Hyrule Warriors Legends just might be too much for the original 3DS.

      • Hero Gamer

        probably, but remember the horrible load times that came with the Majoras Mask DLC? they patched that, so maybe this could be as well… or not. who knows?

        • Deva Ashera

          That was really different though, that was due to a hiccup in the system, the frame rate issue is likely due to the original 3DS just not being powerful enough to run the game running a PC game you don’t quite have a good enough PC for..sure, it’ll run, but it won’t run well.

  • The demo played fine on my old 3DS, will the full game play that much different?

  • Ima Badlady

    Sooooo… are you safe if you have a 3DS XL?

    • Tidbits

      There are two systems the 3DS XL, and the New 3DSXL. The “New” one has the little extra control nib on the right side, and the lettering on the buttons is colored in. The original 3DS XL has the same performance as the original 3DS. Make sure it’s the new one.

      • Ima Badlady

        You mean the C stick? Pretty sure that I’ve got the latest one then.

  • Bunkerneath

    Just tried the demo on my old 3ds, it is a bit slow and no 3d, but not bad really. But have ordered the Hyrule edition with game, just waiting on Nintendo UK Store to screw up my order and not get it until sometime in april.