Most of you will remember 2006 as the year of Twilight Princess‘ launch, but it also saw the birth of a fantastic gaming website: Destructoid.

I have been a loyal reader for many years, and it helped me rediscover my passion for video games in a huge way back when I was longing for a new online community to settle into. It’s also because this site that motivated me to tread the path of gaming journalism, hence why I’m here writing this article right now.

Destructoid remains a favourite and regular go-to for Zelda and Nintendo news for myself and others on the news team at Zelda Universe. In fact, it’s because of my daily routine of checking the site that I only just discovered it had become a decade old!

Congratulations to founder Niero Gonzalez (who reflects on the site’s history in this interview) and all staff — past and present — who contribute to making Destructoid great and served as inspirations over the years. And thank you for helping us at Zelda Universe by being a strong source for gaming news!

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