Super Mario Maker has been out since September 2015, and fans have been creating their own Mario-centric levels of varying difficulty. The most recent update has brought new features such as Super Mario World‘s key to unlock a locked door, and the spiky column. It also brought the Super Expert difficulty setting to the One Hundred Mario Challenge, and new Mystery Mushroom costumes.

Nintendo has been commemorating game releases by adding Mystery Mushroom costumes to the Mystery Mushroom roster. The likes of Pokemon, Princess Daisy, and Statue Mario (Tanooki Suit Mario) have been added. To honor the launch of the release of Twilight Princess HD, Wolf Link is now getting an Event Course! Complete the course and you unlock the Wolf Link costume for use in your own Super Mario Maker stages, providing a convenient alternative for those who don’t own the Wolf Link Amiibo. If there is a better way for Nintendo to pay homage to its beloved franchises, then I want to hear it!