As the release date for of the much anticipated Twilight Princess HD draws closer, the hype seems to grow bigger and bigger by the day. Nintendo seems to know this, and has released three new trailers to tease us some more.

The first trailer focuses on the darker aspects of the game, showcasing eerie music along with memorable and equally eerie scenes. We’re shown the famous Dark Interlopers scene, the neck-breaking scene from Zant, and the Mirror possession scene, among others.

The second trailer focuses on the abilities Wolf Link has, such as digging, walking through ropes, etc. It also conveys a bit of the story and relationship between main characters Link, Midna, and Zant.

The third and final trailer focuses on Link and his multiple abilities such as horseback riding and fighting, his sword technique, and the numerous amount of weapons and items he can use at his disposal, like the Hero’s Bow, the Clawshot, and many more. One thing all these trailers have in common is the promotion of the special edition version of the game, which comes with the game, the Wolf Link Amiibo, and the Sound Selection CD, which has music from the game.

Do these trailers raise your hype for the game? They should! We will all be able to experience the story of the Hero Chosen by the Goddesses in full HD on March 4, so mark your calendars.