Auditions are now open for Wind Waker: The Movie, our third English-dub project. There are 31 available roles, and feel free to submit auditions for multiple characters. So how can you audition? You’ll want to sign up for a free account at Behind The Voice Actors and head over to the Wind Waker: The Movie casting call page. From there you’ll find copy to read and record for each character.

A few tips for auditioning:

  • Use a quality mic. We want to be able to hear you!
  • Make sure to record in a room free from background noise. This isn’t Spirit Tracks so let’s not have any trains in the background!
  • Think about who the character is talking to, what he or she wants, and the moment before. Establishing those details will make a world of difference in your performance.

Auditions will remain open until March 16, and we will be posting the cast list March 18. Wind Waker: The Movie is slated for release this summer.

  • Lindz Vachon

    I’m really interested in auditioning for a role in this movie. I made an account at and was able to find the page at first. Then I realized I didn’t have the right recording equipment to do it at the moment. I finally got what I needed, and when I went back to audition, the link won’t take me to the right page anymore. It takes me to the general casting call page for the site instead of the list of charactors and the audition list. I’m not sure what to do at this point. Is there any other way I can submit my audition in time?

  • Aidan

    I could be medli I have a decent mic

    • Aidan

      all you have to do is email