When the Wolf Link Amiibo was first announced, I, for one, assumed it wouldn’t have much compatibility with other games. I thought maybe it would be compatible with Smash Bros. or Hyrule Warriors, but I certainly did not think it would unlock goodies for Super Mario Maker. But that is exactly what is happening: the Wolf Link Amiibo will unlock a new costume for the latest popular Mario game.

Upon tapping the Wolf Link Amiibo on the GamePad, you’ll be able to play as Wolf Link in the game. Furthermore, several interesting sounds and actions occur when certain actions happen. When you press up, Midna will pose in such a way that she points with her hair, along with wolf bark effects coming from Wolf Link. Also, when one dies or finishes a level in the game, sound clips from the original Twilight Princess game will play. You can check out some screenshots of the Wolf Link costume in action below, but if you want to see it in action, you can also check out the video made by GameXplain, too. Look forward to completing Mario Maker stages with everyone’s favorite wolf!

smm wolf link

wolf link amiibo