A new North American website for Twilight Princess HD has launched, gathering together trailers and information about the upcoming HD remaster. The website provides information about the story, characters, controls, map, Amiibo and how to pre-order.

The sleek website describes the game as a full HD presentation with “fine-tuned controls, and new features like the ultra challenging Hero Mode” and purports that it is “enhanced and reimagined for a new generation.” It also shows off the Wolf Link Amiibo figure, with a video explaining the Cave of Shadows in detail and how other Amiibo work with the game.

The bottom of the page features praise for the game, claiming that Twilight Princess is “one of the most beloved entries in The Legend of Zelda series” and boasting that the game received “more than 10 Game of the Year Awards and 20 perfect scores.”

The media page features desktop wallpapers, and a four part retrospective video series is listed as coming soon.

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  • rusVan

    @Nintendo, PLEASE MAKE AN AGITHA AMIIBO!! I’m starting a petition for Agitha Amiibo, any of you guys interested?

  • Jim Taggart

    I checked out the updates made to the main zelda.com site and looks like on the first page they are only including games available to play (including Virtual Console) as far back as the Wii at this point.

    I can understand the exclusion of both Four Swords titles (the Anniversary Edition of Four Swords is not available to download anymore and FSA was released for the GameCube), but what happen to the Wind Waker HD?